Gabe X-mas (2) - Edited

Meet Gabe: Big Brother, Sledding Enthusiast & Abel Twitchell Recycling Manager

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He may be one of Abel Twitchell’s tiniest team members, but don’t let his age or size fool you! He’s got more heart and passion when it comes to sorting paper & plastic, cardboard & cans than most grown-ups we know.

Not a Wednesday afternoon goes by without an office visit from Gabe. He is relentless in his reminders to mom (otherwise known as Erin Nolan, Headmistress of Finance) during daycare pickup that they need to stop by and load Abel Twitchell collective’s blue recycling bins into her car; so he can haul it away and sort the contents at his local recycling center.

Much to his parents chagrin, but just as important to his future, Gabe is an incredibly impassioned upcycler. Aged business cards, outdated stock gift cards and scrap envelops are often squirreled away home (after he’s diligently completed the sorting process) to be reused in hours of play & imagination with his sister.

The J&J Care To Recycle Campaign Received Two Thumbs Up From Gabe!

Do you know a naturally eco-conscious and industrious kid like Gabe? Most likely your answer is yes … so we’re sure you agree that continued support and education about recycling is a vital part of their growing up. That’s why we were thrilled Q4 to help Fortune 500 client Johnson & Johnson promote its nationwide Care To Recycle campaign.

jandj300x250Along with a sweetly compelling video, we absolutely love the subtle marketing language being used in this pro-recycling green ad campaign encouraging consumers to “spread this gentle reminder” with others:

OUR BABIES WILL INHERIT OUR PLANET®. That’s why we believe it’s our responsibility to take care of our natural resources today, and for generations to come. While most of us recycle, many of us forget to recycle in the bathroom. So help us spread this gentle reminder.

Interested in learning some bathroom recycling tips? Take a moment to check out (and then of course share) their beautiful Care to Recycle tumblr. page & video.

This holiday season, it light’s us up knowing there are so many devoted parents like Gabe’s; responsible corporations like Johnson & Johnson; and millions of behind-the-scene individuals like yourself tirelessly working to educate children and ultimately create a healthier planet for us all.

May Your Holidays Be Safe, Peaceful & Brimming with Recyclable Joy!

the Abel Twitchell collective elves 

P.s. Don’t forget to channel your “Inner Nana” when unwrapping gifts! Smooth down & save the wrapping paper and reusable gift bags for your 2014 celebrations. Then proceed to recycle the leftover chipboard and plastic packaging … Gabe applauds & thanks you!