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Celebrating Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” While Steyer Pushes Obama to End Keystone XL

Sara Strube Advertising, Sustainability

Climate change and presidential legacies have been making headlines this month.  Hopefully you’ve seen the media campaign by our friends at TakePart who will be celebrating the 7th anniversary of “An Inconvenient Truth” in a Google+ Hangout on June 10th, with Vice President Al Gore and Executive Producer Jeff Skoll.

According to TakePart, Tuesday’s event (you can RSVP here) will launch a five-part editorial series that will look at what climate change has wrought over the past seven years. Gore also recently invited people to join the Science on G+ Community and share ideas to mitigate climate change.

So while Gore’s legacy as a fearless and outspoken environmental crusader has been solidified, President’s Obama’s legacy hangs precipitously in the balance as he skirts around putting a definitive end to the 1,700 mile Keystone XL pipeline that would pump tar sands oil (the most carbon intensive of all fossil fuels) through a North American landscape still reeling from a number of massive weather events that many directly attribute to, or publicly question a corrolation with, climate change (i.e., Superstorm Sandy, the Los Angeles wildfires, Oklahoma’s rash of deadly tornado’s, etc.).

Billionaire climate activist and Democratic contributor Tom Steyer published an open letter to President Obama this week telling him that, with British Columbia’s refusal to transport tar sands oil over their lands, any “credible” argument for the pipeline should now be dead in the water. Thank you Mr. Steyer.

Tom Steyer’s Open Letter to President Obama by The Washington Post Tom Steyer’s Open Letter to President Obama


Tom Steyer’s Open Letter to President Obama